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Maleficarum is a first person, puzzle-solving horror game. You must use skills of observation, attention to detail and problem solving to solve the puzzles and acquire the keys to each room, and all before your sanity runs out.

This was the result of a Team Project, where me and 6 others created the game Maleficarum. We branded ourselves as fossil market studios and set out to make a horror escape game. 

For Maleficarum we took a very iterative approach utilising the agile methodology. We focused on the minimum viable product which could then easily be expanded on as our scope increased. We began with the initial concept which we prototyped and changed until we were happy with the core gameplay loop. 

I was responsible for the implementation of features into Unity as well as making the Sanity Bar. I was also responsible for compiling and implementing the audio which was a joy to work on as the sounds would change and adapt depending on the sanity level of the player. 

The Mechanics of Maleficarum

Playing Video Games With Headset

Sanity Bar

The sanity bar was one of the core mechanics of the game. It is what set us apart from the competition as it was not only a timer, meaning the player had to act quickly, but also effected the world around. Page

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Download The Game Here

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Looking back on my work I am very pleased with the team project. We didn't have any conflicts and all worked hard on the game. And while I think it was good to keep scope in mind, I feel like we may have limited ourselves by underscoping a little. Overall I am very happy with this game but I wish we could have added more lore.

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