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Mouse Maze 3D Level Design

The level is set in a post-apocalyptic future setting where Artificial Intelligence has taken over. It has been many centuries since the uprising and now the AI wants to find out how intelligent Humans truly are. For this purpose, they created a sort of maze with obstacles and enemies that the human has to navigate and avoid in order to get to their food just like a lab rat.

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Don't Let The Darkness Live


Overall, I am disappointed in my level design as it was rushed and unrefined. This was due to a number of factors but most importantly it was due to bad time management which I hope to improve next year.

While the level design itself is ok, It is clearly rushed and nowhere near the quality of my narrative game. I started off with a whole different idea of how I was going to approach the level design but had no idea how to implement it into Unity.

After looking back over the mark scheme, I noticed that it never needed to work within Unity, and I could have designed the original level without it being functional. This, in hindsight, meant that I basically threw away weeks of planning and ideas for absolutely no reason.

This was in conjunction with the fact that I decided to focus on the fungus game meaning that I didn’t even start working on the level until the final week before the deadline.

I think the main reason behind this was because I wasn’t personally interested in the level design as much, which meant I ended up almost ignoring it entirely. This is clearly an issue, and I will work on ways to improve my general productivity for next year.

In order to improve, next year I hope to start the term by creating a plan on what assignments I will work on, which weeks, and set myself targets and deadlines to keep myself working productively on all assignments. This should hopefully keep me on track and producing work that I am happy with.

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