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Pasty Protection Service

Pasty Protection service was the first video game I made with a team. We made a side scrolling tower defence game based around protecting pasties from cornish mythical creatures in under a month.

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Pasty Protection Service


Looking back there is a lot that can be improved. There are many things I know now which would take seconds to implement but would make a huge difference to the overall feel of the game.

This project was also plagued by a few team issues as some people just didn't do any work. I know now that in order to help this we can schedule more consistent meetings and try to keep people engaged in their work. Also by getting to know my team mates better and engaging with them more, they will be more likely to want to help out.

There were many lessons learned during this project, not in the least how version control works as well as the agile way of working. Overall I am satisfied with its outcome based on my knowledge at the time.

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