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Don't Let The Darkness Live

Don't Let The Darkness Live is a visual novel style game where the player has to make meaningful choices in order to become the most popular streamer, but don't let the darkness live.

Play as a student in school who wants to become famous on Quiver.TV but be careful to make sure they don't get too involved.

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Looking back on my work I am very pleased with the outcome. The use of notebook-drawn graphics in pencil and paper has a certain retro charm evocative of school notebook doodlings, but I have since noticed some spelling and grammatical errors. I hope to take a lot of what I've learnt from this project forward and look back on it the same way I now look back on the other projects, that is with cringe.

If I was to start again, I would get in engine as quickly as I could as well as work on the art at the same time as the dialogue allowing me to be more motivated to get it done. This will also save time as a lot of the dialogue was changed once the art was in place because it didn’t fit the art style of the game.

Given more time, I would have loved to add a whole streaming section where the player has to actively create their Witch profile and then manually create each stream. This would add a lot more gameplay to the game and mean that the player is more immersed in the game.

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