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The Primar Project

Explore an Ultra Realistic Hotel in Virtual Reality, every floor has its own themes, and each room is its own unique experience. 

This Hotel environment is grounded in real life by having physical movement rather than locomotion/teleportation. It is Mapped to a real-world room within Immersive Business, and gives the impression that you can explore forever.


My contributions to Primar

  • Worked with clients to fulfil the brief that they wanted.

  • Produced modular assets for future expansion.

  • Designed around the constraints of "Ultra Realism".

  • Created a full body rig in engine.

  • Designed to be easily expandable.

  • Produced to show future clients what projects Immersive Business have done.

What is the Primar Project?

The Primar Project is a project that I was hired to work on for Immersive Business. The project is meant to act as a virtual portfolio where people can walk through a hotel and explore the different projects that Immersive Business have produced in different rooms.

Each floor has a different theme and is connected together via an elevator. The experience is fully mapped to a real-world room and uses proprietary lighthouse tracking using the D-Track system. This allows us to bring real world items into the virtual environment. The experience is also built to be super realistic, using the Unity HDRP pipeline to produce ultra-high realism and is then run on a Varjo XR3 headset. 

The experience was designed from the ground up with modularity in mind as it is to be infinitely expandable as they work on more projects in the future. This means that every level is saved as a prefab and is loaded in depending on which button the viewer presses in the lift.

CPR Training Experience

While working on the main Primar framework, I was also working on one of the rooms that would be included in the experience. The experience is a full CPR training simulator where the trainee is put on a street and someone collapses. The experience is meant to be a gamification of the training experience and is made to fully immerse them in the experience. During the compressions there is a rhythm game style section in order to help them get the timing right.

Project is still in development

This project is still under development and so will be updated as the project is developed.

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