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Trapped In Time

Trapped In Time is a full VR Gallery exhibition created for the photo series by fashion photographer Diana Faizulina. She contacted me and made a commission to create a full gallery experience in the virtual world as she couldn't afford to rent out a full real world gallery exhibition.


"This project explores my personal experience of being trapped in time. After each of my passing birthdays, I start to slow down more and more.

I reminisce about being a teenager or in fact any time before I had my 16th birthday. In my memories, this time was like a dream and all I want is to return to this state of safety and sleep the rest of my life there. The older I get, the farther away these days become. 

In psychology, this emotional space is classified as a ‘Syndrome of delayed life’. Which is defined as when someone is pausing their life, not wanting to move further. They think that the best in their life has already happened, and the future holds only the bad. These people become prisoners of time - trapped by the fear of it running out and belief that the future only holds pain."

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