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#6 Figuring out how to stream

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

So, this week I worked on how I was going to tackle the streaming segment of my game. As I’ve mentioned before, the game begins under the illusion that it is about trying to gain followers by streaming on Quiver. But until now I have only been introducing the characters and I hadn’t figured out how the streaming part would work.

I began by giving the player a choice between 4 games: Moincreft, A sassy creed, BorkNite and Great Thief 5. I decided to go with these names as I had already changed the name of discord and twitch and I don’t want to have issues with licensing.

By limiting the choice to 4 choices I am following Hick’s law which dictates that the time it takes to decide increases with the number of choices. 4 is the most options I will give the player during the game in order to limit choice paralysis.

Currently no matter what choice the player makes they will gain 1 follower and 2 devotion. I also have a temporary say dialogue that says “Insert Streaming montage here” that will be replaced by a montage of a stream that would be displayed on the screen. Currently I am only working on the dialogue and so I’ll add the montage later.

After the stream, the player goes to sleep ready for another day. On this day, the player hears Greg shouting “wait up”. Upon hearing this the player is given the options of replying to him and waiting or just ignoring him. depending on what the player chooses the social stat will either increase or decrease.

Now because the social stat has changed before the new stat won’t make sense if they chose the antisocial option before and the social option now, so I had to create 4 duplicate flowcharts in order to fit every possibility.

I then made another choice that effected the social slider, bringing the total ends of the flowchart to 8 without any foreseeable way to merge them.

These issues are exactly what I feared would happen and documented last week as a potential issue therefore next week I want to figure out how to link the variables and UI. By doing this not only will there be less for me to do but I will be able to do more by linking variables to if statements so if the social skill is higher than 5 then say this for example.

Overall, I am relatively happy with the progress this week, Although it may not seem like much, I did get a lot of the dialogue done as well as figuring out how the streaming sections would work.

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