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Hello world of blogs

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

“Pain, Panic, and maybe a little Posting.”

Hello, This is my first time writing a blog so here we go. My name is Jack Myrick and I have been tasked with writing a blog over the first term of university updating you all on my progress with the flappy bird mod. I then promptly forgot about it until about a week ago when I realised, I was supposed to be writing a blog about my developments. So, I have scrambled to try and figure out how to do this and I will be posting daily instead of weekly since I only have a few weeks left to make the game.

I hope that this will be enough to let me pass since I would like to be able to return next year, with that said its time to strap yourselves in and get ready for a sh*t ton of posts over the coming days to make up for a whole term’s worth of work. And yes, I blame the coronavirus because otherwise it would be my fault, and that simply won’t do will it.

Looking at the word document, apparently, I have to write a minimum of 350 words per post otherwise it would be insufficient for covering my weekly progress. Obviously, this is not covering my weekly progress since there was no weekly progress but I’d still like it to be over 350 words. Due to this predicament, I will be doing daily posts of over 350 words since the content clearly has to be equal to that of the previous 10 weeks or so. Perhaps I could post multiple posts a day, One in the morning and one in the evening. Clearly, I am already an expert at what not to do rather than what I should do. And also, yes, this entire paragraph is here literally just to push up the word count so sorry for wasting your time reading this.

If 500 words is about half a page, then 350 is about 70% of that or 35% of a page. And if I am at 340 words then that would be 34% of a page, but oh will you look at that! I am now over 350 words so this horrible first post can now “technically” be counted, and I have totally wasted whichever poor soul has to read this’ time. I’m sorry.

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